Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Glaucoma Update

We had a good report from the ophthalmologist (the glaucoma specialist) yesterday. Peyton went in to the hospital Monday for surgery. She was to have the tubes of the shunts in her eyes shortened as well as remove a chalazion from her left eye lid. The doctor performed the eye exam under general anesthetic and found that the shunt tubes did not need to be shortened at this time. He said that as her eye grows, the shunts will shift. So, whereas he felt it necessary to shorten them when she had her eye exam back in July, it was now not necessary. However, he did say that they are shifting in the direction of needing shortened, but they are not yet in a position where they will cause damage to her cornea. He wants to keep a close eye on this but doesn't want to do surgery until it's absolutely necessary. I suppose that is to minimize the chance of having to do it again later as her eye continues to grow. As for the chalazion, it must have gotten better, as he did not see that it was necessary to do anything about that either. So, if you're thinking this was all a waste of time and an unnecessary general anesthetic (Peyton's 15th), it really wasn't. She was due for her routine eye exam which must be done under general anesthetic. This is to check the pressures in her eyes. The doctor said her pressures are great. We'll repeat the exam in 3-4 months to make sure they are still good and to be sure the shunt is in a good position. The worst thing about yesterday's procedure was that Peyton's veins are terrible now and they had much difficulty finding a vein for her IV. This has been happening with the past several procedures. I had never seen this before, but they had to place the IV in her neck! Poor baby.
I took Peyton to the pediatrician last Thursday to have her cleared for sedation for the eye exam. Peyton is now 17 months and is 21 lbs 12 oz and is 31 inches long!! She got caught up on her vaccinations from 15 months and got her flu shot. The doctor also told me that she ought to see a dentist for a check up since she has about 16 teeth now. Since she is extremely sensitive to touch, it is impossible for me to get in even with one of those little baby toothbrushes you slip on your finger. The doctor told me not to worry about not being able to get in myself, but to see a dentist and make sure she's doing ok there. I wound up not using one of her recommended dentists as they weren't in my insurance plan, but I did call Texas Children's Hospital myself and found that they offer routine dental services to special needs children and children with complex diagnoses. So, Peyton has her first dental visit on Nov. 8th. It would not surprise me in the least if she had to have a routine cleaning done under sedation. I suppose I'll find out on the 8th.
Aside from that, Moira's cold is lingering on still. I'm starting to get my second cold in as many weeks. We're all enjoying our visit with my parents and will be sad to see them leave tomorrow. At least it's only about 2 months til we see them again. Hard to believe Christmas is in 2 months and 2 days!! Where did the year go???

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