Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Another Upcoming Surgery

Peyton had another sudden doctor visit yesterday. Instead of going to her physical therapy appointment, she wound up seeing her Ophthalmologist instead. Her left eye has been irritated and her eye lid was pretty red and swollen. Not wanting to take any chances with her eyes, Ron took her to the doctor. It turns out she has another "chalazion" in her eye lid. Basically it is a gland or duct that is clogged with oils. It becomes irritated and unable to drain, so it forms a lump in the eye lid. It's not a sty, although it's kind of similar. Since Peyton is scheduled for surgery on Monday, she will have this chalazion removed at that time. The surgery is to shorten the tubes in the shunts in her eyes.
Aside from that, she is doing quite well with her therapies. She's getting much stronger each day. We're still a long way from reaching many milestones, but I have a feeling like maybe Peyton being able to sit unassisted may be the next milestone she reaches. I think it's still a long way off, but she is getting stronger. Her head is still wobbly and she doesn't have great upper body strength, but hopefully in the next several weeks she might be able to sit on her own. We'll see. Only time will tell!!
We are looking forward to a visit with my Mom and Dad. They will be arriving tomorrow and will stay for a week. I'm sure they will see a huge difference in Peyton. Dad especially, since he hasn't seen her since Peyton's birthday in May.
We will see them again in just a couple months as we will be spending Christmas in Canada this year. We're driving. You can't take the oxygen tanks we have for Peyton on airplanes, so that means we have to drive. Fortunately, the kids are GREAT travelers. In July, we drove to Albuquerque - about 15 hours or so from here. We drove straight through and they didn't start to fuss until we were about 5 miles from our hotel! Hopefully that luck continues with this trip. It'll be too cold to pull in at a rest stop and let Moira run around on this trip!
I'll update regarding Peyton's surgery next week.

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