Monday, October 1, 2007

A Variety of Updates

Peyton had a sudden visit to her Pediatrician last week. She was coughing and sounded quite congested, not unlike the time she was hospitalized in early May. So, we were quite concerned. However, it was the croup and it appeared as if she was over the worst by that point, despite the fact that her cough was at its worst. The cough is still persisting, although her chest is clear. I'm not convinced she was over the worst. Moira has a bit of the same cough now, but she hasn't been as bad as Peyton so far.
Peyton had her 1 month follow up with her ENT last Thursday. All went well. No ear infections or fluid build up in her ears since her surgery!! He will see her again in 6 months.
Peyton had her 6 month follow up with her Geneticist today. It was more of an observational visit from the doctor's standpoint. He took in all the information about what's been going on with her since last April. Did I mention it was a very long appointment?? He is still convinced Peyton has some sort of chromosomal disorder, although all the publicly available testing has been done on her and has turned up nothing. He offered the opportunity for her to take part in a research study - one simple blood test. The last panel tested for 500-600 disorders. This test apparently is far more extensive. It is not publicly available and at his discretion, was able to offer this research opportunity to us free of charge. As such, it is not a part of her medical record; however, if it does happen to turn up some answers for us, they will work towards making her results a part of her record so they can continue following her. We should know in a month or so what the results are, if any. If nothing turns up, her doctor will continue to follow her progress as he has been. He said he hopesto be able to come up with a diagnosis one day, but obviously cannot say with 100% certainty that he will. He will see her again in 6-9 months, unless he needs to see her sooner for this study.
I, myself, after almost 2 years of neglect, and after some of the greatest agony of my life have finally gotten around to finding a new Chiropractor. I have not been in nearly 2 years. I simply have not have the time to take care of me since I have put all my energy into Peyton since she was born. I live in constant pain, periodic agony, and with a decreased enjoyment of life due to this pain. Since I can no longer take the mental side of this problem, I finally gave in and went to a Chiropractor recommended to me by a Naturopath that I also started seeing recently in an effort to take care of "me". X-rays showed a 75% loss of curve in my spine. No wonder I'm in pain! I've had 2 adjustments. Feels great for a while afterwards, but the following day....that's another story. I don't think I can ever find a replacement for the Chiropractor I left behind back home, but this one is pretty good. His approach is the closest I've found to him, so we'll see what happens. I'm sure Ron is anxious to see results quickly as I am sure he has grown weary of my pain and how it has drained me emotionally for the past many months.
This Thursday will be a full day for Peyton and I. She has her standard hearing and vision teacher appointments. She also has an appointment with her Neurologist who she hasn't seen in many months, having been rescheduled once or twice due to surgery. I am anxious to hear what he has to say and what sort of research he has done since we last visited with him.
PT and OT continue to go well, although Peyton got a break from them last week due to an assortment of other appointments which interfered with her therapy schedule. The PT commented today that Peyton's neck seems to be getting stronger just in the past couple weeks of going to the new place. Way to go Peyton!! We are so proud of you!
While I'm bragging on Peyton, I'll also take a moment to brag on Moira who thinks she is becoming quite the accomplished ballerina. She has been taking ballet lessons for the past month. A dance teacher comes every Wednesday and offers classes to the various age levels, starting with the 3's. They will have a recital in December and one in May. Moira loves her ballet classes.
I will keep you posted after our visits this week.

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