Saturday, August 25, 2007

Ear Tubes

Peyton had her ear tube/adenoid surgery Friday morning. She was to have been first up, but they were waiting on her prior anesthesia records from her surgery on the 9th to see if there were any problems to be aware of for anesthesia. Since the child up 2nd was having a very quick procedure to remove his ear tubes, they put him in front of Peyton. Sure enough, the records arrived and 15 minutes later we were on our way back with Peyton. It was 39 minutes from the time I sat in the waiting room til her doctor came in to let me know how it went. She did very well. Her adenoids were blocking about 50% of the back of her nose.
We spent the night at the hospital, even though the procedure is out-patient. Since she has the sleep apnea issues, they wanted to monitor her breathing overnight to make sure that any swelling from the surgery was not interfering with her oxygen levels. Her oxygen saturation stayed mostly between 96-99% the whole time. The doctor came in this morning and said she was good to go. We were home just after 11:00.
Of all Peyton's surgeries (this was #11), this was probably the most minor. Of all the surgeries, this was the one that caused her to be the fussiest! It was a rough night for her last night, but she is doing well.

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