Thursday, August 9, 2007

C1 Laminectomy

Sarah has asked me to update the site for her. Peyton came through her surgery very well. When I spoke to Ron an hour or so ago, she had been moved into phase two of recovery. Right now, they are waiting for her to be moved into her own room. The doctor was pleased with the surgery. Peyton was in some pain, so she has received medication for that. She is still pretty sleepy and has only stirred a few times. She isn't too interested in taking in any fluids - just a couple of drops. Since the discovery of her sleep apnea, she has been using oxygen while asleep. When Ron and Sarah went into the recovery area, Peyton was asleep without oxygen. She is in quite a deep sleep and her blood oxygen saturation was about 98% ~ so, she is able to breathe on her own at present. I'll leave it to Sarah to add in all of the details, which she will be most anxious to do and will do better than I can.
Thank you all for your love, support, concern and prayers.

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