Thursday, July 19, 2007

ENT Update

I am back from the ENT doctor with Peyton now. This was a follow up to her visit 7 or 8 weeks ago. That visit was a consultation regarding her sleep apnea. However, in the process, he discovered she had an ear infection. She developed another ear infection a few weeks ago. That makes at least 4 ear infections since January. The doctor has decided she is a good candidate for having tubes put in her ears. He also felt that her adenoids should also be removed. So we are scheduled for surgery on August 24th.
Since the bulk of her hearing loss and sleep apnea are neurological, the surgery probably won't help too much with those areas, but it's possible that her hearing might have some improvement - at least perhaps what little bit she can hear unaided might be clearer. The adenoid removal might reduce some obstruction as far as the apnea goes, but probably won't do too much to help there. Hopefully after this surgery Peyton will be in better shape for having such things as her MRI and eye exams which require sedation. These keep getting rescheduled because she's gotten sick and can't be sedated. Hopefully if we can reduce the number of ear infections her immune system might stand a chance at clearing up the other issues.
More appointments this afternoon - will keep you posted.

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