Monday, June 25, 2007


Peyton had her evaluation at The Arbor, the special needs school where we hope to have her one day. She spent time with the lead teacher in the infant room as well as the "consulting behavior analyst" / psychologist. They would love to take her now, but due to space limitations, they do not currently have a place for her. However, they are in the process of building a new school, so hopefully in the next 8-12 months they will have a spot. So, we're on the waiting list. You can check out the school at
I had a phone call from the child care licensing agency with which I filed a complaint against the girls' former daycare facility. The agent wanted to ask me a few questions about the situation. She did visit the daycare on the 20th and spoke with the directors as well as the teachers. It would appear that a couple un-truths were told at the time. I quickly clarified them. It sounds like a teacher may have told her that when Peyton would roll, her hearing aid would fall out, the battery compartment open, and she'd put the battery (??) in her mouth. LIE!! First of all, Ron and I have trouble opening the battery compartment because of the size. They lock tight. The battery compartment would never just pop open. Second, a child her size or even older would not have the manual dexterity to be able to open the battery compartment themselves. So if a hearing aid fell out or was pulled out, a child could not open them.
Anyway, at the end of the conversation, it appears the former daycare will, in fact, be cited with failure to use good judgment where Peyton's placement is concerned. That is, by firmly deciding that Peyton was to move up to the 1 year old room against our wishes and her doctor's, they were using poor judgment. The agent had a copy of the pediatrician's letter we provided to the daycare which outlined all of the reasons for not moving her up as well as a statement that the doctor was confident that Peyton would not have progressed enough by July to be able to be safely placed in the 1 year old room. It sounded like even the agent believed all the reasons we had for not putting her in that room. Also, the agent said that with all the therapists going in and out of there on a weekly basis, how it never occurred to the daycare directors/teachers to ask THEM what they thought about moving Peyton up was beyond her. They had people present constantly who could have explained to them how dangerous it would be. They could have asked them at any point in time, and didn't. It is noted that we have removed our children from that facility before Peyton could be placed in that room. However, had we not moved them out and Peyton was moved up next month, they could have been further cited for failure to use good judgment AND something to the effect of inappropriately transitioning a child. Would be nice to catch them on other things, but I'm happier just to have my children out of there.

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