Friday, June 1, 2007

ENT & An Eye Infection

Peyton saw her ENT yesterday regarding the obstruction part of the sleep apnea problem. He checked out her tonsils and they were normal. He checked her ears and found lots of wax, which he cleaned out. Then he found she had an ear infection in her left ear. We need to see him again in 6-8 weeks for that. It came as a surprise to us that she had an ear infection, so I'm very glad we saw him. He doesn't want to compromise whatever hearing she does have be letting an infection linger, so that's why we need to follow up. If she has more than a few infections in the next 3 months, then he might wind up putting tubes in her ears. We'll cross that bridge if we get to it. After all of this, he put numbing drops in her nose so that he could put a scope up her nose and into her throat. Her adenoids are normal and she appears to have a clear airway. There's a little excess saliva but probably because she may have some swallowing issues. Nothing to worry about from his point of view, and certainly nothing to do surgically. He went over the sleep study and told us, unfortunately, the bulk of the problem is with the central apnea which is related to the brain. We need to follow up with the doctor who did the study, but he said that there's probably little they can do to "fix" it. Maybe certain medications might help, but probably nothing they can do surgically.
Peyton's eye has been runny for the past few days, but by the time yesterday afternoon rolled around, the skin around the outside of her eye was very red and very irritated. While I was waiting in the ENT's office, I called Ron asking him to call her ophthalmologist. He left a message. When he got home, someone from her office called back and as he was explaining the problem, without actually looking at her or having seen her since the morning, I brought Peyton out to help aid in the description. As he was talking, I whispered "can we email a picture???" It was after 6pm and that particular doctor doesn't have clinic hours on Fridays. Sure enough, the doctor was still in the office as Ron was talking to the secretary, so he got the doctor's email address. Within minutes, I'd emailed a close up picture of Peyton's eye. Mere minutes later, Ron's phone rang and it was the doctor calling back. She said it was likely just very irritated from all the drainage coming from her eye. The drainage might be a viral thing or perhaps related to the ear infection somehow. She called in a prescription right away and we were good to go. Talk about great service!! I guess it pays to have such a great relationship with the doctors. Saved an office visit, having to take more time off work, a $30 co-pay, mileage/gas/parking for the car, etc. Now we can cruise on into the weekend will all medications in hand and hopefully without anything arising over the weekend. Doesn't it always seem to happen that way??

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