Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Daycare: Crisis & Resolution

In the past few days, our ongoing battle with the girls' daycare came to a climax and then a sudden end. Peyton's vision teacher had been to see her at the daycare last Wednesday. In getting the report from her, I inquired as to whether or not Peyton had been wearing her hearing aids when she arrived. She had not. She put them in herself and left them in when she left. However, when she turned back, she saw a teacher remove them. This whole issue makes us so unhappy. On Wednesday night, I requested that the daycare start logging the time she spends with her hearing aids on and I explained, yet again, the importance of keeping her hearing aids on her. The vision teacher had also explained this when she was there. I was going to say, our repeated requests seem to have been falling on deaf ears... At any rate, they did log the time on Thursday. It wasn't great, but at least they were logging the time. On Friday, they logged 8:30 - 9:00 am and 4:10 pm. I picked her up at 5:30 and they were out. I was furious that she had them in so little that day. I went home and wrote them an email that I requested go in her file.
On Monday, yesterday, when Ron dropped the girls off at daycare, he wound up in a discussion with the owners about the email. It was my intention to firmly impress upon them the importance of her wearing her hearing aids for so many reasons. I ended my email by basically stating that by denying her the access to her hearing aids, they were depriving her of the right to experience the world around her in addition to blatantly ignoring the medical necessity for the hearing aids.
The daycare just refuses to back down on their stand that the hearing aids are a choking hazard (they aren't). They pretty much implied to Ron that they no longer want to deal with Peyton. He said he did not want to drag it out any longer, so what kind of notice of termination did they need. They said none. I know they require 1 or 2 weeks, so that pretty much says right there they don't want us there. He said fine, both of them would be removed as soon as we secured a spot for each of them.
I left work early yesterday to meet Ron and Moira at the daycare we found that was near the special needs school we ultimately want Peyton to go to. We were there about an hour or so. Moira loved playing with all the toys. The center looks like a barn and they do, in fact, have some animals - a pony and a donkey as well as some birds. There may be more that we didn't see. They also have a pool and offer swim lessons. We were impressed enough to ask how soon she could start. Moira started today. She is enrolled in the swim lessons, so will swim every day. The classes, in general, get 2 free swim days a week during the summer, so today she had her free swim plus her lesson. I emailed the daycare earlier today and Moira is doing just fine. Seems to really enjoy it there. She was not shy at all this morning. She went right to the toys and started playing. She didn't make strange at all. I was probably more clingy to her than she was to me!
We left that daycare and I took Moira home while Ron went to pick up Peyton. He picked her up and told the daycare that today was Moira's last day and asked them to go clear out her cubby. They were surprised. I have no idea how they could possibly be, but they were. They asked what about Peyton. He didn't withdraw her last night because we hadn't seen her babysitter yet.
We all went to visit a lady who babysits in her home. She's near to our house, which is convenient. She seems to have a pretty good set up. She was very up-front about state requirements and her license and inspections. You can tell that she is doing everything she can to ensure she follows all the regulations. We were comfortable enough with her to ask how soon Peyton could start. Peyton started this morning as well. No word yet on how she is doing. I intend to call shortly.
After dropping her off, Ron went back to the old daycare to collect Peyton's belongings and give her notice. I think they were fairly surprised at how quickly we terminated them. They wondered if we had been able to find places for the girls. Ron said yes, they were both there now.
So, hopefully all our daycare crises are behind us now. I'm feeling better about things although I'm anxious to get to the end of the day to make sure they are ok!! It's a new day!
Oh, and in case anyone wondered....I did file a complaint with the State last week. I intend to follow up with them as well as send a letter to the daycare and various agencies regarding our decision to terminate so it goes on record why we did what we did. Aside from that, it's all behind us now!!

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