Friday, May 4, 2007

Hospital Update

Good morning! Last night Peyton still wasn't eating, so she had a feeding tube inserted in order to get some calories into her. She started getting treatments from the respiratory tech. as well as her breathing treatments. Sarah said that Peyton had been awake a little bit more, but mostly just wanted to sleep.
I just spoke very briefly with Sarah. Dr. Haney was in to see Peyton and thought that she sounded a bit better today. She cut back on her IV a bit and is making up the difference with her tube feedings. They are going to watch her all day again. There is a slight possibility that she may be able to go home tonight. It will all depend on how responsive she is today and what Dr. Haney thinks when she does rounds after office hours. We have to have her in tip top shape for her 1st birthday on the 15th!
Miss Moira has gone off to spend the weekend in Austin with Mimi and Aunt Jayne. I know she will have a great time there and will keep the ladies hopping!
Thanks again for all the prayers, journal entries and phone calls! Your support and concern is really appreciated.
Anne ~ Granny

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