Thursday, April 26, 2007


There just hasn't been a whole lot to report lately. I suppose that is a good thing! Peyton went to the elementary school nearby this morning. They have an audiology program. When we received her new ear molds for her hearing aids a week or so ago, for the second time in a row, they had a bad fit and were squealing all the time. I decided not to go back to her own audiologist, but to take advantage of the one at this school. I had to pay for the ear molds instead of being able to run them through my insurance, but they don't cost too much. It's close to half what the hospital charges. I got to see the classrooms for the hearing impaired kids. One is oral communication and the other is oral and signed communication. We won't know for a couple years if Peyton will wind up at that school. She may do well enough to take part in a special needs class in her regular school.
We're signed up for Peyton's sleep study for Sept. 6th. In the first week, they called me twice with cancellations but we couldn't make it either time. I think we'll likely get it done before Sept. though. We'll see.
Not too much else is new. I'm on my third throat infection in just over a month. Moira's getting over a cold but doing well. I wish I had a fraction of her energy!! Ron is also doing well.
Not much longer til my baby turns 1!! I don't know where the time has gone.

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