Thursday, March 22, 2007


I am just so excited, I couldn't wait til all of Peyton's appointments were done for the day to share the news. I took Peyton to the ophthalmologist this morning for her weekly check up. We finally heard the news we've long been waiting to hear. Peyton's eyes are the best they've been and are about as good as we can get right now!!! She still has some of that swelling inside her eye, but it's gone down a lot from last week. We are to cut back on her eye drops from every hour to every two. In addition, we were scheduled with the glaucoma specialist for an eye exam to be done at the hospital under general anesthetic on Monday. The doctor today said that she doesn't see the need for him to do the exam. So, Ron is calling the specialist to let him know what this doctor said. Hopefully Monday's exam will be off the schedule shortly. The doctor today also said that she really doesn't need to see Peyton for a while. She said everything is looking really good and she really only needs to follow up for contact lens check ups and replacement of the lenses. Her new contacts (same Rx, but new/fresh pair) will be mailed to the house, so we don't have to go back for 6 weeks to see the doctor. This will be the longest we've EVER gone without seeing her. I think the longest so far has only been a few weeks. Ron and I are just so excited about the report from this doctor visit we can hardly contain ourselves!
Peyton goes to the pediatrician's office for a weight check this afternoon. She's been improving on her feeding. We've added a bit of formula to some of her bottles to boost the calories. She's been consistently getting 22-27 oz a day, so I will talk to the doctor about starting her on cereal. This will also help with her calories.
Peyton has also made big strides in the past couple of weeks with rolling over. She was able to get onto her tummy with a bit of effort but then she really struggled with getting back onto her back. She figured it out but it was so challenging for her. Last night she was rolling over onto her tummy and then immediately onto her back. Now, she was unhappy at the effort she was having to exert, but she was really doing remarkably well. It seemed effortless when you were watching her roll. She's still not able to sit or crawl or anything like that, but she can ROLL!! I'm sure her neurologist will be quite happy when we see him in a few weeks.
As always, I will keep you posted on Peyton's progress!

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