Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A "Sarah" Update

Just a quick update on my own health...I recently had a follow up visit with my hematologist regarding the pulmonary embolism I had at the end of May. He is baffled as to the cause - especially one so massive and for the second time in my life. He feels that it is very likely somehow pregnancy related, but isn't about to let me off the blood thinners just yet. He said it would be at least 1 year of blood thinners at the least. He ran some more blood work and all of that came back normal. He was testing for various clotting factors, different from what he tested for before. All of that has been normal. He also ordered an ultrasound on my right leg to make sure that the clots that were present there were gone. They are. He had said that if there was the slightest sign of a clot being present, he would probably have me stay on blood thinners for the rest of my life. However, since everything so far has come back normal, he is just going to order more tests. I have to follow up with him again in June. He is ordering a CT and Angio to be sure that the mass of clots in my lungs is gone. At the time of the pulmonary embolism, the doctor in the ER reported that I had right ventricular failure in my heart due to the clots. I assume that this had gotten better before I left the hospital. I'm still here, which makes me think it did!! The tests will also check to make sure that that is no longer a problem. If all of that checks out ok, then maybe the doctor will let me off the blood thinners. He did say if could be another 6 months beyond June. He said there's no magic cut-off date for letting me off, but that it would be one year or a year and a half from the episode. We'll see how all of this turns out.
The girls are doing well. Moira is adjusting well to being in the three year old class. Peyton is doing well. She has a few appointments tomorrow. Hopefully we'll find that she is catching up on her weight. I'll keep you posted on how all of that turns out.

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