Friday, January 26, 2007


This has been a relatively quiet week for us. Peyton only had 3 appointments this week. Her vision teacher saw her on Monday. She said that Peyton is tracking really well as well as reaching and grabbing for things. She had her on her tummy and she did really well trying to lift her head. She also tried to work with her to get hre to roll over. On Tuesday evening, her new Occupational Therapist saw her. She also commented on how well she seems to be doing. Since this was her first time seeing Peyton, she didn't have any personal experience with her to compare to, but based on what others have told her and what she's read in her file, she has come a long way. The OT is also Peyton's new case manager in the Early Childhood Intervention program. Yesterday, Peyton saw her Ear, Nose & Throat doctor. Once he removed the big balls of wax from her ears, he said that her ears were clear with no fluid build up. Everything else checked out ok. He said he'd see her again in a year as long as nothing else comes up in the meantime.
In the next few weeks, Peyton will be seeing her opthalmologist (the glaucoma specialist). She'll probably have an eye exam done under general anesthetic around 2/05/07 or 2/12/07. That will likely be scheduled when we see him on the 1st. Or, maybe (crossing our fingers) she can skip it this month if all looks good on the 1st!! That would be nice. I'm no doctor, but her eyes look good to me. This would be the first month since August she may not have to have surgery. We see the GI doctor on 2/15/07. We are really hoping that we can get rid of the feeding tube at that time. Peyton's already far exceeded her weight expectations for that appointment, so I can't imagine why they'd keep the tube in. She had said in December that they'd probably quit cold turkey when it's time. So we really need to work on getting Peyton to take all of her feedings from her bottle. That isn't quite happening yet.
Thank God for a good week!! It's been a long, long time since we had a week that was entirely good news.

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