Thursday, January 18, 2007


The nutritionist came to the house this afternoon to weigh Peyton. Just as we'd suspected, Peyton is not only pushing 16 lbs, but has exceeded 16 lbs. She tips the scales at 16 lbs 3 oz this afternoon! This puts her almost a pound ahead of where she needs to be by Feb. 15th. This is wonderful news indeed.
Peyton's hearing teacher came to the house after that. She comes once a week and works with Peyton as well as us. She teaches us some basic sign language. She uses toys with Peyton and tries to get a feel for what she can here in relation to where sounds are coming from. She emphasizes repetition of words with Peyton. It's really important to talk, talk, talk and repeat everything over and over so she can grasp language more easily. She said that with Moira, she'll pick up language from things all around her - even things she'd not paying direct attention to. With Peyton, much of her language will come directly from the one on one contact she has with people speaking directly to her because she won't necessarily grasp the "background" things as easily as a hearing person would. The teacher works with the school district. Peyton's actually registered for school - has been since she enrolled in the Early Childhood Intervention program after birth. She's registered in the Regional Day School for the Deaf. While ECI goes til the 3rd birthday, the hearing and vision teachers are through the school district and will continue through her school years.
We're so proud of Peyton for having a great day today!

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