Thursday, January 18, 2007

Neurosurgery Update

Peyton went to the neurosurgeon this morning. We are so happy to report that she does NOT require any form of surgery!! Thank God! The doctor felt that he could probably fade into the background in terms of Peyton's care because he really didn't see the need for any type of surgery at all. He was happy to consult though. He said we are to watch her development as we have been doing and if she ever starts to not do things that she once was doing or was trying to do, then that should raise a red flag and we'd have to figure out what was going on.

After that appointment, we went downstairs one floor to her opthalmologist for a check up. She had great reflexes in her right eye and none in her left. That was not unexpected since she just had surgery on her left eye on the 8th. We are to follow up in 3 weeks.
We're in between appointments now. Her nutritionist comes in an hour. Peyton was supposed to weigh 13.5 lbs by the 15th of this month and we had her at about 14.75 or so about a week ago. As of a couple days ago, we think she's probably pushing 16 lbs. She was to weigh 15.5 lbs by Feb. 15th, so if she's 16 lbs now, we're doing great! I'll keep you posted.
Thank you everyone who has taken the time to send messages to us or sign the guestbook on this website. Your support, as always, is much appreciated.

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